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Customized Compliance & Clinical Programs

In accordance with a strategic plan specifically designed for your rehabilitation department, Theradynamics will implement a model that combines our management expertise, educational resources, and operational systems and protocols to achieve your organization’s desired performance goals.

Specifically, our services will include:

    • Assessment of all current rehabilitation systems, programs, and staffing patterns

    • Development of practice management changes to yield performance outcomes in line            with facility goals Improved rehabilitation staffing design module

    • Ongoing management and mentoring of licensed therapy staff Implementation of secure        per diem staff coverage protocols and assistance with staff recruitment

    • Ongoing education and training for rehabilitation staff

    • Development of operational interfaces with Nursing and MDS to include training modules       and systems that promote results in line with organizational goals

    • Ongoing management support to include clinical program development, rehabilitation               regulatory and billing guidance, and operational recommendations to support program           goal attainment

    • Implementation of improved caseload management systems and ongoing monitoring of         PPS systems

    • Ongoing documentation audits to assure compliance

    • Regulatory updates (CMS, OIG, Practice Acts, ICD-10) and practice management                  enhancements as needed

    • Patient and program outcome data to improve quality of care and service/QA/PI